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i need a new bra, looks like it’s time to take out a fucking loan


so your post about how the newmann fandom needs more AUs inspired me to write a high seas fantasy AU that I finished recently and just posted last night. it's called "Sea Swept" on ao3 if you're at all interested and wow okay I feel weird promoting myself I'm gonna run away now help


12k words of fantasy sailing au???  navigator hermann? stranded beach bum newt?? sea monsters?!!?!


pff i didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway

edit: newt isn’t a beach bum but i was totally imagining a little mermaid-type scenario of him all flopped out on the beach with the description. what actually happens is so much better

reading this now…

Newmann AU where Newton is an author who pretty much relies on his digital book sales (i.e. iTunes, Kindle, etc.) and Hermann is an antiquarian book seller. (Ironic because PR!Hermann likes chalkboards and computers.)

Newmann au where Hermann is a frog and Newt is a newt.

I presume that Newt-Newt and Hermann are talking amphibians because it would be pretty dull if it was nothing but “ribbit” and whatever noise newts make. Newt: "Dude, have you seen this funky mating dance I can do?!" Hermann: "Yes. It’s ridiculous." (The toads and salamanders in my window-well didn’t have much to do with one another though…but that’s all I’ve got to go on.) I imagine newt!Newt trying to paw at frog!Hermann and constantly trying to get his attention because he just sits there and occasionally croaks. Newts can be EXTREMELY territorial so I’m sure they’d make a little boundary with twigs or something. I think they would have a little battle for space in the same window well. And Newt would try to climb on Hermann, who would burrow in the dirt and mud to get away from him. And then one really cold autumn day they curl up together because it’s just so freezing. 

That’s all I got, dudes.

steaming Earl Grey 

Newmann AU where Hermann is a taciturn Jazzage bandleader and Newton is a tap dancer/comedy act and they end up on the same circuit. 

Send me some Newmann AUs. (PLEASE)

Newmann AU where Hermann is a hard-nosed CEO and Newton is an up-and-coming executive. Pick a company, idefk.

Cope’s Gray Treefrog Hyla chrysoscelis



Newmann AU where Hermann is a detective and Newton is the pathologist. That’s it really.

wouldn’t the one with the apathy towards people and willfully horrible social skills be the detective lol

I was thinking more along the lines of Morse and Max on Endeavour. 


I feel like absolute utter shit

and yet imagining Newt on his tiptoes to hug Hermann tightly makes me feel a little better inside

Newmann AU where Hermann is a detective and Newton is the pathologist. That’s it really.